Agritech And Other Rural Sectors

Agritech And Other Rural Sectors

In India, agriculture is a crucial part of the economy, contributing 16% to the country's GDP. Agri Tech, or agricultural technology, refers to the use of technology to enhance farming efficiency and profitability. By monitoring weather, soil, air temperature, and pests, Agri Tech aims to improve farming techniques using automation. As consultants, our team is passionate about providing information and guidance on various Agri Tech technologies and applications.

Agri Tech uses a range of tools, including satellite photography, sensors, drones, phase tracking, weather forecasts, light and heat control, automated irrigation, IoT-based sensor networks, and hydroponics and soilless farming techniques. Interestingly, India is the world's second-largest agricultural economy after China, accounting for 12% of the global GVA. The country also contributes 12% as an exporter of agricultural products.

By 2025, the Indian Agri Tech market is expected to reach $24Bn, according to Inc42 Analysis. Some approaches to aid growth in the sector include the development of a robust Agri Tech ecosystem, cross-country collaboration for building innovative ideas, strong investments in technology and R&D, and a favorable regulatory atmosphere. We are here to help you unlock the value of agriculture through Agri Tech.

There are thousands of Agri Tech startups in India, shaping the future of farming by creating innovations in the field. Advancements in Agri Tech offer solutions for sustainable farming like indoor vertical farming, hydroponic farming, and modern greenhouse practices. The preference of customers also complements Agri Tech, as there has been a continuous change in food habits. The ultra-modern technology of farming has optimized the production of crops, offering food safety throughout the year.

Advanced technology solutions like Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, and sensors have revolutionized the sector. Startups and farmers have started adopting indoor vertical and hydroponic techniques of farming. The agriculture sector has reached a stage where robots and AI are contributing at a faster pace. According to studies and research, these technologies have an immense effect on the future of agriculture.

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