Logistics And Supply Chain

Logistics And Supply Chain

The realm of logistics and supply chain management has undergone significant changes in recent years. The traditional view of logistics being limited to just transportation is no longer applicable. To achieve efficient and optimal supply chain management, a lot more is now required.

Technological innovations have paved the way for real-time tracking of fleets and workforces, providing an effective solution to real-time hurdles. The increase in supply chain visibility is a response to the need for transparency and the changes in consumer demand patterns.

AI-based solutions have emerged as a game-changer in logistics and supply chain management. These solutions offer real-time tracking from the first mile to long haul to the last mile, providing businesses with a comprehensive overview of the entire supply chain operations. By analyzing heat maps, trend lines, and planned versus actual SLA comparisons, businesses can identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.

Moreover, new-age solutions can automate delivery routes after evaluating multiple real-life constraints and existing data, such as traffic, shipment volume, shipment type, halts, and delivery time. This optimization of delivery routes enables businesses to save time and reduce costs while improving overall efficiency.

In conclusion, technological innovations in logistics and supply chain management have transformed the way businesses operate. With real-time tracking, comprehensive analysis, and automated optimization of delivery routes, businesses can now achieve efficient and optimal supply chain management.




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