Fund Raising

Fund Raising

At Equity 360, we recognize the critical role that fundraising plays in the success of startups. As an investment banking and consulting firm, we offer a comprehensive startup fundraising service that is tailored to help startups achieve their funding objectives and advance their business to the next level.

Startup fundraising service

Our service of Fundraising for startups in India is an all-in-one solution that encompasses every aspect of the fundraising process, from identifying potential investors to closing deals and negotiating term sheets. With our team of seasoned professionals who possess an extensive knowledge base and expertise in the startup ecosystem, we provide startups with a customized and strategic approach to fundraising.

Our Startup fundraising service in India is composed of the following components:

Investor identification: Leveraging our vast network and research capabilities, we identify investors that align with your business goals and vision.

Pitch deck creation: We work hand in hand with you to develop a persuasive pitch deck that highlights your business model, market potential, and growth opportunities.

Term sheet negotiation: We support you in negotiating favorable terms with investors to ensure that your interests are protected.

Due diligence support: We help gather and present all the necessary information required for due diligence, presented to potential investors in a clear and concise manner.

Deal closing: We collaborate with you to finalize the deal, addressing all legal and financial considerations.

Our startup fundraising service is designed to be adaptable and scalable, catering to the unique needs of each startup. We provide a variety of engagement options, from project-based to continuous advisory support.

In summary, our startup fundraising service offers startups a personalized, comprehensive, and strategic approach to fundraising. By harnessing our expertise and network, startups can concentrate on building innovative and groundbreaking businesses while we manage the fundraising process.

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